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Thread: Objects on Created Battlemaps

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    Question Objects on Created Battlemaps

    Probably a simple/silly question, but how do folks get things like chairs, tables, anvils, stones, on the battlemaps they create in Gimp or PS? Do folks simply use the same png files I use when I'm making a map in MapTools? Are folks creating them from scratch in Gimp/PS?


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    Both. Some people use mostly objects they create themselves just for the map they are making and others use some of the thousands of ready made objects that are available from hundreds of sources.

    As the proprietor of Bogies' General Store, I have posted all kinds of useful map objects. And I am not alone. The "Mapping Elements" thread has all kinds of useful stuff from a lot of great artists.

    Here is the link to my mapping elements thread:

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    Wow, that's a truckload of map objects!!

    I think my rule of thumb will be to use what others have done until I feel like experimenting I've got plenty to master just with landscape techniques in the meantime.

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