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    Hi! So I am looking for Asian - style symbol sets for both Campaign Cartographer 3 and City Designer 3. I would especially like to find Japanese - themed buildings. Any ideas, wonderful folks?

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    I've started one, a while back, and do plan to get back to it and finish - actually I have hand-drawn symbols in Japanese style as well, even ukiyo-e style mountains. However, I am currently trying to wrap up some tutorial guide books I've been writing for the past year, and create several specific map object sets, that aren't Japanese style, to meet the needs of a Kickstarter. After that (starting sometime in September, I will get back to those sets).

    I am the publisher, developer, one of the authors and the cartographer for the Kaidan setting of Japanese horror (PFRPG). I created a paid-for map product/mini-adventure called Haiku of Horror: Autumn Moon Bath House which includes a full 5 story, hand-drawn, typical Japanese bath house. I plan to create similar products for many Japanese specific locations like Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples, Shiro (castle), rural villages, and much more (eventually.)

    If I didn't have books to write, specific map object sets to create, I would be getting to these Japanese style icons sooner!

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