I've never really been a WIP sort of person. Many reasons. One major one is that I am usually working on 10 to 20 different pieces and I don't know when one will get finished or if it will sit and languish for months. This one did for awhile. I started back on it the other day and decided I would try to do a WIP of it. Even then I didn't stop to do progress shots and post them. I am often working on a piece for quite awhile and pausing to post WIP progress shots just doesn't occur to me.
However, people seem more interested in seeing the progress than the final product so I thought I'd try.
So... here we go. There's already several progress pics so we'll go from there.
This started with a pencil drawing I posted last month or so. http://www.cartographersguild.com/ge...-set-maps.html
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Name:	Bourmout [uncolored] lo.jpg 
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Then I decided to do a color version. That can be tricky with a pencil drawing depending on how I drew it. Usually the more shading and texture I do on the pencil drawing the worse it looks as a color piece. We'll see how it works with this one.
The color flat - Colors are almost always on the dull side at this stage.
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Name:	Bourmout [colored] 01.jpg 
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Next I was tweaking the roof colors a bit and doing all those pavers. That took a while.
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Name:	Bourmout [colored] 02.jpg 
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I saw that I would need to fill out the field grass more so I had to make a PS brush that could simulate the pencil look reasonably well.
Then drew in more grass lines and threw down some color variation. I also tweaked the shadows a bit at this point.
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Name:	Bourmout [colored] 03.jpg 
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From there I did a bit more tweaking with lines and grass flow and more shadow.
At this point there's still a good bit left to do and some room for options.
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Name:	Bourmout [colored] 04.jpg 
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Obviously any flat colors will being changing ie-the water and the dirt of the stream and the roads. Oh, and the trees.
Still not sure if this will look good with a border or not. I also am not sure if I want to do a separate version that has the buildings numbered and listed on the side/bottom as to what each one is. If I do that then a border seems like it would fit.