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Thread: Map the second -- City of Aldergaard

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    Default Map the second -- City of Aldergaard

    Hey all, back for more. Making this one was very challenging, though thoroughly enjoyable. This is my second map, set in the same world as the first one, and also the first time I've really tried to draw a city in depth. I may have over-extended my artistic abilities a little haha, getting the perspective to look halfway decent was a continuous struggle, as was doing the architecture on such a small scale. I have to say it was profoundly satisfying to watch the city take shape before my eyes. This one is far from perfect, but if nothing else it's a big step forward in complexity from the previous map I drew. Not sure if I will make another map right away or work on some other projects, this one did take it out of me, heh. I'm confident that when I do another one, it will be better. This was done with pen and ink on 6.5x9.5" notebook paper.

    I took a lot of inspiration from medieval city maps as well as the woodcuts/engravings of Albrecht Durer, who is one of my favorite artists and a big inspiration to my work. Would be interested to see if anyone has examples of similarly styled maps to give me some ideas for next time. Hope to also hear your comments on this one, good or bad, let me have it!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your style remembers me the work of J.E. Fullerton and of course I love it!!
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    Love. It! Feels like something I might see in a children book.

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    That looks very nice. By the way you can probably use the levels function in photoshop to get rid of the gridlines if you're so inclined. I imagine GIMP also has a similar function.

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    Wow! I think you just took the cake. I love it! Next time, perhaps not using graph paper, but other than that... It's going in my favorites.

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    Very nice! I agree it looks both as a medieval city map and a children's fairy tale picture

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    Great map, wonderful drawing! My only nit-pick is the drawbridge in front of the castle. The bridgekeepers hut is on the wrong side of the river if the bridge is supposed to be defensive. If it is just to allow taller boats through then it is OK.

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    Thanks all. Two posters from Maine, huh? I'm in Boston myself.

    Re: Larb: I'm a complete simpleton when it comes to computers and haven't ever used photoshop etc. I know I should get around to it at some point, but it hasn't happened yet. I like to consider myself old-school, but it probably comes down more to technophobia, haha.

    Re: drawbridge. To be honest I didn't really think it through, just kind of filling up dead space, heh, thanks for the tip though. Will keep that in mind for future maps.

    Incidentally I recently started a little blog with some of my cartoons, comic book work etc. If anyone would like to check it out it is: A Heart Girt In Serpents

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    oh, most excellent!
    >>< drow ><<

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