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    I'll be getting into the Warbirds RPG soon and my resurgence in maps making interest is coinciding. I decided to try and make a city for my players to explore when they are back from contracts. This is Cayo Hueso (Key West). The main city and tourist destination for the Guild Keys.

    It obviously still needs annotations and I'll be creating another picture with location descriptions. For now though, can you guys think of any ways this can be improved. I still feel like it's missing...something. For one thing I have no idea how I would better represent that the Island is flying and the blue is actually meant to be sky and not sea.

    Enjoy! (I hope)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I see a very strong resemblance between this map, and Ilanthar's Argona. While yours does appear to be an independent work, you might want to make adjustments to it to remove confusion.

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    Well, I agree with THW. The resemblance is mainly based on building colors and the general street plan (the main arteries).

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    New version, updated colours and changed the central district a bit (didn't make sense to have a big ass tower there in game). Added border and name.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cayo Hueso (Key West) 0.4 LQ.png 
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