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    Don't blame me for the name, my GM came up with it and I'm still not really sure how to pronounce it. I thought I would try and draw the town that my player has spent so much time in.

    So with some (really crappy) sketches I recreated the town in all its (small) glory.

    Used a lot of resources I found on this site, including 'tree thing' and the awesome 'fastest town in the west' automated action script, as well as a couple of tutorials on parchment and other things.

    I like the final look and the GM will be using it in future session for any time another party makes their way through.

    Feedback appreciated (be gentle, I'm new)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice first try, don't stop dreaming with maps! I'm new too, but maybe we can help one another.

    There are two things that seem strange.
    1) I think the perspective is wrong between the houses top view and the trees side view.
    2) The coast line is too straight for my taste, with no irregularities.

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