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Thread: Looking for a bare bones VTT

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    Default Looking for a bare bones VTT

    Hi Guys i feel bad asking around so quickly after joining but im wondering if anyone knows of a VTT i could use for my D&D game.

    Background and setup: I play D&D with friends and we use the good old Pen and Paper, for ears now we have been using markers on a gaming mat to draw our basic battle maps.
    i'm planing to build a new table for our game and i'm going to use a 32 inch LED TV connected to a Client Laptop to display our maps.

    Here is what i'm looking for:
    • The VTT needs to have DM and Player capabilities.

    • Need to be able to share map over internal network.

    • Need to be able to mask unexplored portion of map.

    • Needs to be able to display map full-screen (this is the important part)

    • Needs to be able to add a custom size grid to map images (Optional but would be great)

    • Does not need ant character sheets or dice rollers (Better if they don't)

    I already own a copy of Fantasy Grounds II and it does most of what i need except the UI has more information than i would like EX: Chat, Dices Character info etc..
    It also does not appear to have the ability to display a map on top of everything in full-screen.

    I'm curious if anyone here uses a similar setup

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    I also can not find a Simple bare bones VTT.. All are designed to be used over the internet not in person. I want one also which can be used from one Computer to display maps.
    Looks like I will be going to a Projected Image also. I don't need one with chat, dice or anything else.

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    I use an older version of MapTools, and while it does have all those features, I just use it to display my map on a monitor laying in the middle of the table. It has a full screen mode that just has a thin toolbar edge around the window.

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    Thanks Bogie i will look into it

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    Though again it has many more features there's no reason you can't simply ignore them and just use the map features in Roll20. Its nicely free and the controls are nicely simple for it.

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