I hate to make a request on my first day but lord I need saving... I'm starting a hard-si-fi campaign. unfortunately the guys i play with wanted us to start 4e with some of our other friends so I stopped working on the si-fi campaign. then friday they decided they would rather do the si-fi... bastards, lol. so i'm sure I can get the story and every thing put together in time (enough for this week anyway) but I'm stuck for map/floorplans.

they will be on a planetary colony made from "building block" units. so I need floor plans for the following modules- habitation, communal, science (large and small), as well as a space elevator(top and bottom). it doesn't need to be professional quality but something nice enough to use in multiple campaigns would be preferable. we won't be using miniatures so size isn't to important. though it would be nice if it were formatted to be easily printable.

as for copy rights, I only want the right to use it for my own campaigns. you keep any other rights.

oh, unfortunately i don't have any funds free at this time or i would be happy to give you a bit.

oh, and the game starts tonight at 7:30-8:00 mountain time (gmt-7)

no hard feelings if i'm asking to much