Hey guys,
So I'm new to this forum and well I have been attempting to design a world for my fantasy writing for nearly three months now and well... let's just say I have been unssuccesful in my attempts. So I have decided to come to the experts! So firstly I am in college so can afford little and money is very tight... however there may possibly be some other reward depending on the situation I find myself in (that sounds mildly sexual... not intended). But yes, I am looking for a similar style to George RR Martins' world form 'A Song of Ice and Fire'; e.g a setting for a fantasy novel, as I said I have attempted several times and have failed.

First of all there is 8 planned continents with Six currently laid out... The first continent is of an Antarctica-(esc) continent in the north.; it is very cold and is populated extremely sparsely with no (known) cities. On the map I would like it to be layed out like Antarctica is on the map, e.g kinda coming off the map if you get what I mean?? sorry I lack the appropriate word to describe this!
The second is similar to this, but smaller and in the South opposite of its Northern counterpart although similarly laid out. Thirdly an African-inspired continent, central yet slightly south, it is dry and war, with the exception of the western coast, which is home to a dense jungle and port cities. fourthly an Asia style continent that is very oriental and is mostly made up of a number of large and smaller islands that sit within the 'Pearl Sea'. The fifth one is a South American ish continent filled with dense thickets of jungle and rainforest. Lastly a desert like continent connecting to the first continent by a small landbridge on the Eastern Coast to the Northern Coast of the first one; it is large and volcanic with deserts and lush valleys. There are three major rivers and large lakes able to support whole empires and civilizations.

I wish to include another two continents although this is where you guys come in! do as you wish, include what you want although please keep it fairly simple as with the other continents so I may come over afterwards and include cities and nations along with any other locations I with to add.

As far as Islands and archipelagos I wish to have many, large and small It does not matter as long as they are amazing! However to help I also have two currently set up, these are key as they play a major role in the series. The first is a large-ish formation of three islands, east of my Last continent and it is very desert like; it was once another continent, although it was torn apart by floods and tsunamis that eventually shattered the land into what remains. Because of this it is key to have many smaller islands and broken "shards", for want of a better word, of what was left. Secondly a very key location is my Saffron Isles, humid and made up of a dense jungle, it is a large chain that was once part of my African inspired continent, Located just east of the third continent, similar to where Madagascar would be. Please be as creative as you feel like being when doing what you will. Again please leave room for cities and other locations I wish to add in.

Finally, I wish to say thanks to whoever is reading this; if you have any queries or ideas please let me know. I would love for this challenge to be taken up by thousands of people, although I know it will not; if you are bored and need a pass-time this is for you! just as much as if you are looking for a keen project to take by the horns and help sculpt a world! ahhhahahah that is so cheesy!

Anyways thanks a lot and yup that's about it! Be creative and please help in whatever way you can!