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Thread: How to draw buildings in a city map?

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    Help How to draw buildings in a city map?

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good way to draw buildings in a map of a city I am doing. The best example of the types I want to do is one the linked map. What is the easiest way to draw buildings that look very similar to these in a map? There are going to be many buildings so I don't feel like painstakingly drawing a bunch of individual houses. Anyone know how to implement buildings like these in a city map? The software I am using is GIMP.
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    Hey Tweed, from the map you linked to I would venture to say that the sort of look you want is going to most likely require you to draw them all out.
    That's part of why that map looks so good . To me they all look different and were most likely drawn individually. However someone on here may have some ideas for you.
    I don't use GIMP so I can't help there. Why not do them each? Is it the time required?

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