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Thread: I'm in desperate need of a town map for Roll20

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    Help I'm in desperate need of a town map for Roll20

    Thank you for entertaining my request. I'm running a game over Roll20 soon. Because of my GM style (I prepare 6 separate adventures for my players: North, South, East, West, Stay Put, and Wander Off Into The Wilderness, because you never know what a Player will do), I actually need 10 separate maps, but most of them are exceedingly simple and I can cobble them together in Roll20 or Gimp. But the central location to the campaign so far is a small town, and it's proving to be far too complex an undertaking for an amateur like myself to handle.

    The town is a former mining town. A major road runs north to the now-barren mine, cut into a small mountain (barely more than an exceptionally rocky hill, really) which was turned into a temple complex after the silver veins dried up. The town's economy now revolves around religious pilgrimages, and being a rest stop for trade caravans which make a circuit throughout the region. A road headed North-east leads to the local Baron's city/estate (I don't need a map of that yet). A road to the west leads to a series of plantation-style farms (again, I don't need those mapped, they're relatively simple and I can probably handle them myself). The region used to be exclusively temperate forests (mostly deciduous trees), and much of this forest remains around the town.

    The town requires housing for about 100 adults. A blacksmith, a general store, a stable, two taverns, and an inn. It has a low cobblestone wall (about 2 and a half feet high) surrounding it, more to deter random animals wandering in or out that as any defensive measure. Because most of the miners moved away, there's also an old abandoned barracks-style building and abandoned storefront that used to house the mining company's offices. There are a few other abandoned houses in town (maybe 5 or 6). The town itself is very rustic, no great works of art or poetry can be said to have been created here. But it's a good watering hole for merchants on their way to and from other, more prosperous communities on the road that runs through town.

    So, does anyone think they can hammer something together that will work in Roll20? I'd be exceedingly grateful.

    I'm not entirely certain how the scaling in Roll20 works, I think it's 50 pixel squares. Not sure how big you'd need to make a town.

    Copyright: The artist will retain full copyright of the work, I only need it for a small private game with friends, nothing commercial.

    for more info I can be contacted at, or Michael G on Roll20.

    Thank you in advance.

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    So, there are no takers? Too bad. Guess I'm going to have to dig in and build the map myself.

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    Not sure it's what you'd need, but there's a site called inkwell that has a graphical random city generator...if nothing else, it might give you a good foundation to start with...

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    I made something roughly similar for a lite challenge on here a few years back (it was a small desert mountainside religious village). You can find it here (Village of Taffarel | Drunken Nerdery).
    *Most of my Maps can be seen in full resolution on my blog*

    *I've made some of my maps into full adventures available for download at or

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless stated otherwise in the thread.

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