Hi all, I haven't posted in forever. I used to post quite frequently and check the site daily - my map for Opal Island was even featured once, one of my most proud moments ever - but my life has changed significantly. Ive got two kids (5 and 7) now and am also pretty disabled. So much so I cannot spend as much time in a traditional PC environment for more than 20 minutes or so.

I recently bought a lap-top so I could do SOME game-prep in bed. Good software that us usable on a machine with a touch pad is a pain. My Photoshop (which is ALL I know) is on the PC and the license won't transfer.

Do any of you have an idea or two if there is a mapping or graphics software out there that is usable with a touch-pad. Any mouse or Wacom type device is out of the question, I don't have enough motor skills anymore, plus to use them while laying down requires more effort than I can deal with.

Any ideas? Thanks all.