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    So a week or so ago, I created a 3D model for use as an exotic armored fighting vehicle for D&D type games. When I posted it on my G+ community, someone stated that this would make an excellent Spelljammer ship, so I took the suggestion and inspiration from my previous map.

    So I decided to create a custom 2 decked spelljamming ship. Since no existing spelljamming nation flies beetle ships, I decided I need to invent a new race for it - at least convert a minor race. Since the ship is based on a scarab beetle, I immediately thought an Egyptian theme. Now I know there is an existing Egyptian based spelljammer race that flies around in pyramids - I didn't want a Stargate SG1 reference. To me a flying scarab ship is more exciting than a flying tomb.

    I decided to create an advanced race of gnolls that worship Anubis and has acquired spelljamming technology - they call themselves "Gnolleans". Because these advanced gnolls are still gnolls, they are very militant and slavers. Rather than a slaving ship, however, this is a purely military assault vehicle. Like the small 5 man fighting vehicle version, not only does ship fly (spelljam), but because of its legs, it can land on a crystal sphere and walk around like some huge tank monstrosity, making it a very effective tool for conquering territory. Also keeping the 5 man smaller version intact, I have turned this ship into something like an aircraft carrier, with 3 such smaller scout vehicles on the top deck (flight deck).

    Crew Deck (lower deck): (top to bottom, left to right) - Bridge (location of the spelljamming helm), Captain's Quarters, Engineer Officers Quarters (engineer is a necromancer), Junior officer quarters (2 each) for navigator, gunnery officer, troop commander and surgeon, Mustering hall for training ops, briefings, etc., spiral stairs up to flight deck and trap door to ground for ground assaults are in the mustering hall as well, Armory, Sick Bay, Barracks 1 (sleeps 12), Galley/Kitchen, Barracks 2, Latrine, and Cargo Bay (note no access to crew deck from cargo bay.)

    Flight Deck (top deck): (top to bottom, left to right) - frontal ballista turret, brig cell 1, brig cell 2, flight/gunnery operations center, flight/gun deck with 12 ballista on turrets, 2 trebuche center sides, and 3 beetle scout vehicles. The cargo bay door is aft under the aft ballista. Note when one of the scouts are off ship, the ballista can be rolled forward allowing the cargo bay door to be accessed.

    As always, all 3D work was modeled in Nendo, rendered in Raydream Studio, imported to Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 (a vector drawing app) where images were clipped to their edge, and given drop and halo shadows.

    All floor designs and furnishings were are beveled vector shapes with photo image fills, drop shadows, and edge feathering done in Xara.



    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gnollian-scarab-flight-deck.jpg 
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Name:	gnollian-scarab-carapace-open-deck.jpg 
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Name:	gnollian-scarab-carapace-closed-deck.jpg 
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    Well even though this is not an official Spelljammer race and ship design, after posting this to one of the G+ sites I visit, Jeff Grub gave it a "plus" - an unofficial knod of approval.

    Also Sable Aradia of Wildspace: a Spelljammer fanzine posted of these deck plans yesterday, with permission.
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