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Thread: semi-realistic map for my Computer Science College project

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    Post semi-realistic map for my Computer Science College project

    well, I'm new to the site, so I'm going to be as organized as possible on this request.

    1st: what do I need a map for.
    I'm attending to Game's Lab classes on my Computer's Sciense college, and my teacher requested the class to develop a game untill the end of the semester. I intend to use this map merely as a guide line for my development.

    2nd: about copyright and liscense.
    Free for the whole internet to use it. Actually, what I'm going to ask for is so simple that I though I could find on google... got surprised when I noticed I've being scrolling for 20 minutes with no sucess. Leave your watermark/signature on the map (please, not covering the land), if I ever come to actually publish the map on the project I'm gonna put your name on the credits. Maybe even make of you a character (obviously a cartographer) in the game's world. Nothing big tough, it's college project, not E3 annoucement.

    3rd: about money.
    I'm a latin american college student. this means I'm broke. sorry, can't pay you in any way.

    4th: about what I really want/need.
    I need a modified map of Europe. The game's world is passing trough an Ice age, and by what I looked up on the internet, on the last Ice Age the sea/ocean levels on the planet were around 100m (I still think this number is wrong, but it was the same in every language, so I'm keeping it) lower than it is today. and that's it. I need a map of Europe with 100m less of water, no country demarcation (I'm still going to make the political divisions, I'm not even sure how many countryies there will be for now), no paralels/meridians demarcation, nothing, only the land/sea borders, main rivers demarcation (use your knolodge to prolong rivers to the new borders, I belive in your skills) and the cleanest ridges demarcation possible for the alps, urais, and other emblematic ridges of Europe.

    5th: for those who don't want to ready above lines.
    take this map:
    make the light blue water into land, erase country borders and those lines crossing the map. erase the numbers on the top as well.

    6th: about time limit.
    well, as soon as possible I guess. I have no idea how much time it takes to make a map, So I'm not going to limited it here, but keep in mind it well help me a lot if it's delivered soon.

    7th: others.
    thank you for reading to this point, it's already something. I hope I'm not demanding too much, specially since I'm not paying for the job, but I would really apreciate if someone with actual cartographer skills made this map for me (I suck at drawing, both with pen/pencils and with softwares), and this site seemed to have some pretty skilled members, and even better, they seemed to be disposed to make such requests like mine for free =D. I belive I've chosen the right place to ask for this map, and I'm confident the guild's members won't disapoint me ^^
    thank you for your attention, extra thanks if you actually make the map.

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    ops, forgot to define tags... gonna look at FAQ for how I put them (edit seens to not allow changing tags), if anyone anwser me first thought, would be great.

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    One cheesy Europe map with sea level 320 ft lower than current. A true ice age Europe map would have ice blocks as suggested by the File:Ice Age Europe map.png - Wikimedia Commons map. I'm pretty sure that some of the rivers on my map aren't quite right (the Danube, for example, is going the wrong way in places, but the rivers during the ice age were all doing different things anyhow.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you very much ^^
    when I read that requests are awnsered quikly I thought it meant around a week, not that fast haha

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