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Thread: Planetary Colony Tiles

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    Wip Planetary Colony Tiles

    As per Stahd's map request in the Map Request Forum, here are the first (adjusted) Planetary Colony Tiles - as I'm calling these tiles.

    Got rid of the "brown Giger-ish objects" and replaced with clean chamfered boxes to keep the style consistent. (From original post in Map Request Forum)

    First Tile (redone version) of the Power Plant Tile.

    Second Tile is "Big Science" Lab - the "Big Science" projects go on behind a containment bulkhead with transparent window, from the observation area at the top of the map.

    As per request, next I'll do a "Small Science" Lab, a communal area/niteclub, and habitation area. I plan to add an Administrative Center, Starport Control Tower, Starship Class A Repair Center, Medical Facility, Constabulary Center with "brig", perhaps a corridor or two, and a couple tiles with exterior areas and outer walls of tile structures.

    Even thinking about creating a Planetary Exploration Vehicle - crew of two, with holds for up to 6 riders, equipment storage, rear drop door, and maybe a small weapons hardpoint at top of vehicle. Although whether tracked vehicle or an airborne capable craft - haven't decided.

    Too bad, this wasn't a week earlier I could have had a second entry into the Map Challenge -- not allowed I'm sure, but...

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    Looking nice!

    And fans! don't forget fans. Sci-fi scenes always seem to have large, slowly spinning fans going woosh.....woosh.....woosh..... that the characters have to climb through...

    -Rob A>

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    Post Thanks, Ravs!

    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    These really rock! I'm jealous!

    Hah and you said you couldn't do Science Fiction!
    Thanks, Ravs - ah, I actually said "I was more comfortable with fantasy mapping, than sci-fi." I didn't say, I couldn't do it!

    I do like the 3 intersecting colored rings in the Big Science Lab, I see these as rotating.

    RobA - yes, of course Giant Fans, I'll include a maintenance duct with a couple fans...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    How did you do the bevelled structure? I'd love to do the same in drawplus and it looks like you did them in Xara (so it should be repeatable).
    Simple: create square cornered rectangles for the walls. Create small rounded corner rectangle, turn on "snap to grid", duplicate multiples evenly spaced along the wall with half within the wall rectangle.

    Combine all shapes as a single object. Duplicate that to create opposite walls. Since the top/bottom walls are longer, I created them separately then combined all as a single object. Apply the Concrete texture fill, set line width to "none", then apply a bevel on the entire shape - violla!

    RobA - Xara Xtreme is also "Flash content creation" enabled, though I have never really dabbled with any Flash for years and years. I've never tried Xara's flash properties, though I am sure, I could easily creating counter rotating rings in Xara and have content ready for VT's like MapTool.

    Just something else I have to learn!

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    Post Xara's got lots of bevels...

    Xara Xtreme has lots of bevels, and bevel adjustment capabilty.

    Flat Bevel (which has been applied to most objects in these tiles), Rounded Bevel 1, Rounded Bevel 2, Flat Top Frame, Rounded Frame (applied to that grated area on SE corner of Big Science Tile), Pointed Frame, Ruffle Frames 1 - 4.

    Bevel adjustments allow for square, round or chamfered corners and tighter adjustments for width. Bevel shadows are adjustable as well, noting contrast, angle and elevation of the sun.

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    Could we possibly bring back the Giger-boxes in the Science! lab? H.R. Giger stuff is a good thing to put behind a meter of heavily-leaded glass.

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