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    Hello, I've stopped in and looked at your page before and I decided to Join, I'm an avid D & Der gamer tabletopper however you want to put it, and for the longest time i've built a world in my head & now I wish to draw out that world into a map form, I read Immoliate's intro post & he & I share alot of similarities. I love reading fantasy novels, want to write a book based upon some of the dungeons i've done with friends to create stories that someone other than my mother would like to read. and again the genesis for great stories is locations, Maps to be exact. whilst most people start with the Characters, I start with places. characters can only shine most when they go somewhere or do something. so I'm looking forward to creating a world map of my dream so others can enjoy & hopefully improve & love the world i've come to build. So im looking forward to talking & learning from everyone here. Im Also A Central Floridian
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    Time to take that world out of your head and post up the map glad you are joining us.

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