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    I am interested in maps of all kinds. I have fond childhood memories of pouring over the 1st edition Forgotten Realms maps for hours and hours, imagining what it would be like to travel to this place or that, and envisioning the terrain in my mind. Maps are special, as they are an artists window that allows us to peek into the otherwise unknown.

    I've been reading fantasy novels since 1992 and table top gaming since 1995. To this day, every time I read a novel, I am disappointed when there is no map in the front.

    I'm here mostly to gaze fondly at the amazing work of others. I have little artistic talent myself but I delight in drawing detailed buildings for my Pathfinder campaign. I'm old school, graph paper, pencil, ruler, etc. I love to bring the places that my PC's call home to life for my players so they can picture those places more clearly in their imaginations. Keeps, inns, ruins. I have a passion for old, lonely and forgotten places or warm and homey places (which most often hide secrets of their own).

    Happy to be here. In awe of the talent on display.

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    Cards77 post up the sketches! we all like to see stuff, old school or otherwise. Enjoy your stay.


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