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    Hey everyone, I'm new here.
    I've been into RPGs since I was in the 7th grade and I played AD&D 2nd edition back when it was the biggest thing TSR was doing. Also got into Ars Magica for a while, but by time most of my gamer friends were falling off the pen and paper game.
    Years into my AD&D time I started working on a world derived from a lot of RPG cliches that, looking back, are hard not to just shake my head at in shame. However, I started evolving that world bit by bit until it didn't have that "Concept X is a rip-off of Concept Y from Author A or Video Game Q" vibe, and then I started building a story in that world. Now I'm finally working on putting that story into action, but I find that having a real map of the world that the story exists in helps with the little things, like travel distance and time, points of interest, etc... so I've been toggling back and forth between story outlining and map building.
    While in the process of map building, I ran across this site while looking for making mountains, I found some awesome brush packs (I think they're credited to Ramah...could be wrong...I'd have to try to find that specific forum post.) Decided to register because I felt I would be remiss if I didn't show some appreciation for some of the maps I've seen on this site, most notably Ramah's "Vaniya" and Viking's "Skenth".
    I plan on posting my current map at some point, the starting hand drawn map I did, and where it's going as I edit it in GIMP.

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    Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing your maps!

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    You've got some seriously nice work on here Diamond! Many props to thee!

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