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Thread: Tips and help appreciated

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    Help Tips and help appreciated

    Hi all,

    I ended up on this really cool forum because I would like to do some cartography but slightly different from what most of you are doing. (at least what I could find thus far)

    I'm starting out with a world map (a several detailed maps) from a (well known?) novel series the saga of Recluce.

    There is an ongoing effort to map the events in the different books to geographical locations (link).

    And I'm looking into making this map more detailed and more interactive, more in the style of what has been done for LOTR (link).
    But a open-source and scalable way, to be specific, I would love to put everything in GEOJSON objects.

    I was hoping maybe some of you have experience with transforming your awesome maps into a digital and interactive form.

    My first major question is if any of you know a good software package that would allow me to trace the original image and export those boundaries to a format used in modern map display software (like KML or shapefiles).

    As the title suggest and input is more than welcome.


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    joepdl welcome aboard. a free software would be gimp, scan the original and trace the outlines. I'm not familiar with KML or shapefiles but someone in the guild is for sure. Do a search for scalable maps and you may find something.

    Good Journeys Vellum

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