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    My name is the Conlanger. For those of you who don't know, a conlang is a constructed language; a fake language made by nerds for books, movies, video games, and much much more.

    Here's a little snippet from one of my conlangs:

    äŝōĉo täko ĉosä
    ˚epä ve sä˛ä?
    pä˚ī ve ko

    Which roughly translates to:

    I am without my threat = Hello
    How are you? = How are you?
    I am well = I am well

    I use cartography for my conworlds (constructed worlds) which I make with GIMP. I hope to learn a lot from the Guild, as I am but a newb in this place. If you're interested in my fields, I suggest you check out Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse, the site of Mark Rosenfelder, the one of the greatest conlangers in my opinion, just falling in behind Tolkien. I also recomend looking up the Klingon, Quenya, and Na'vi languages.

    Anyway, cheers,
    đänä za˚ap = The Conlanger

    PS. The ˚ symbol is an aoveolar click.

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    Welcome conlanger in case you missed it check out Toponymy and Linguistics we have alot of folks into conlangering (made up verb LOL) on here. some really good posts and knowledge on it if you do a search.

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