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Thread: Total Newbie, looking for help

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    Question Total Newbie, looking for help

    Hello all! Just getting started in creating a fantasy map to eventually be used for a D&D campagin setting. I've doodled maps for ages, and always have world building ideas swirling around in my head. With DND 5E coming out now, I decided it was time to start building.

    I went to gencon, and settled on Campaign Cartographer for the tool of choice (yes, I know cc3+ is coming out soon... doh), so I got the CC3 package with CC3, City Designer, FT3 and DD3 all in it.

    I went through the "Parrot Island" tutorials, and may do so a second time to get the ideas better, and like what CC3 could do so quickly. So I think I've made the right choice for me.

    What I'm looking for are some tutorials for how to do a few things.

    1 - I'd like to generate a world in FT3, and import the coastline for use in CC3 as my world map. I just want the coastal outline, and I can visually use the other data from FT3 to place mountains, rivers, and other terrain. I've played with FT3 enough to generate my coastal export for CC3, and I've opened it... but now I'm stuck. How do I fill in an ocean background behind it? How do I fill in that outline with the land tool? (I'd really like to use FT3, as I like the detailed coasts it generates)

    2 - Once I've created my world map, I plan to add large scale features, similar to the parrot island demo, using the geography from FT3 as a guide. Major terrain, rivers, roads & cities... I think I'm OK there, but suggestions are welcome.

    3 - Once the world map is "done", I want to be able to "zoom in" and create regional maps with more details. Is there a tutorial showing how to do this? For instance, if I have an island like Austrailia on my world map, I'd like to be able to focus in on that island, and do a detailed map of it showing more than just the major cities and geography.

    I think those are my major questions for now, thanks for any help you can give!

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    Finding some answers, getting some new ones.

    I found this thread: ProFantasy Community Forum - help! FT3 + CC3... Peanut butter and chocolate... and while figuring out how to properly select things to get ctrl-c / ctrl-v to work was a pain, I got it to copy. I created a new map with the symbol style I wanted, and pasted it in. However, I'm getting weird kind of artifact lines across the screen. I suspect this might be because of too much detail? This was a fairly large world, the dimensions are 18000 x 9000. I can post a screenshot if it helps - it's basically horizontal lines scattered along the coastline. Putting a blur on for a coastal edge highlights them, but zooming in (temporarily) makes them go away.

    I also found a short question / answer on how to do regional maps:

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