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    Greetings, I am Stephen.

    I came across this site from some plug in some YouTube tutorial on how to draw and paint mountains. And not the Bob Ross kind, though those are awesome mountains. So, I decided to create an account and then forgot everything about that account. This was all several months ago, back in April or some such. With some random screen name that pertained to Star Wars or some such. Though I'm digressing (and probably on purpose).

    Anyhow I've been drawing maps since I was in 6th grade when I was half-way through Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. (I though his name was Goodking up until about a year ago.) I was disappointed that he never included a map of his Old World, where the Imperial Order was from, in the books. And he even referenced its size at one point in book 6, I believe, having one of the main protagonists place a fist-sized rock at the corner of the table saying; "this rock is the New World, the rest of the table is the Old World." And I thought immediately "I WANNA SEE A MAP!". And so from that experience, every time I see a map that has land, roads, and/or boarders going off the side of the page I always ask myself these burning questions; "Where? How Far? To Whom?". I always thought stories could be expanded indefinitely based on those map questions. Since then I've been drawing my own maps that have no connections to any books, or any lore or story that is already established. I just do it for fun. When I'm not fencing, playing video games, or doing school.

    Currently I'm working on a large scale world, that I took from my very first map which had land, roads, and/or boarders going off the side of the page. I do all of my mapping by hand in gray-scale with various pencils. And I am planning on expanding into oils and water colours.

    Sorry for the Auto-biography of an introduction, but I thought something would be better, and nicer for you all to read, than just saying "Hi, I'm new!".

    I still have not seen a map of the Old World.


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    Ain't nuthin wrong with a little backstory...
    Bob Ross did do some pretty sweet lookin mountains...

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