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Thread: New personal map Request

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    Default New personal map Request

    I've been a fan of fantasy worlds for a while now. and i created an extremely simple map on Gimp for a fantasy world I call Rings Over Adessa. I've thought of so much cool lore for the world and its extremely interesting but my map quality isn't really up to par. I was hoping that one of the talented people of Cartographers Guild could help me turn the map into something worth looking at.

    Here is my map of the world that was created in gimp.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	acreprovincenew.png 
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    It would be outstanding if this map looked like something i wasn't embarrassed to show you.
    Each color of a particular land represents a different continent, and the borders represent nations and provinces.
    It would be more than amazing if someone could turn this map into a masterpiece. Thx and I appreciate any responses

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    I suggest you follow this tutorial You can use gimp (as its free) there are a bunch of tuts / info on gimp here. Will greatly improve your skill set.


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