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Thread: Fantasy Fractured Island

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    Map Fantasy Fractured Island

    Project Scope:
    A personal map for me and my friends to use for one of our games. I'm new to the whole map-making thing and I'm not very good, nor do I have the money to buy any software for it. Also means I have no money to pay with.

    Setting is an island nation plunging into civil war with the goal being to progress in conquest until you can capture the larger central island and claim the throne or establish a republic.

    Design Concept:
    A series of smaller islands surrounding a larger, central island. Central island is ringed by mountains and should have only 4-6 inlets/jetties that allow access. If one could leave the map a blank white for future editing (e.g. drawing borders, placing resource locations, placing cities/villages), that would be great. If possible I'd like the coasts to be realistic looking, and not too random or illogical.

    Pretty flexible, anytime from now (Ha, like that'll happen), to three months would be nice. If it isn't taken or completed by that time, I'll probably give up looking for help and just pay a professional with whatever savings I can scrounge up.

    Remains with the cartographer. Feel free to do as you like with it after your finished, it'll just be me and a few friends using it.

    Ryan Shanyfelt

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    Something like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    or do you want more something like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    or something else entirely?

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