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Thread: Introduction -> Dylantriskel "Hi all!"

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    Default Introduction -> Dylantriskel "Hi all!"

    My name is Dylan, and my love for maps begins since I got in my hands The Atlas of The Middle Earth of K.W. Fonstad few years ago!

    But it wasn´t until last thursday that I tried do a printable (at least that is my plan) map.

    I really love the LOTR (Lord of The Rings) maps, and I saw awesome maps of the Middle Earth, so I want to try to make my own based on the best maps I can find for make the most possible complete chart.

    It will be avaliable to download as soon as it will be finish for all who want to print it (if someone want ) or just save it.

    So wish me luck, It will be an epic challenge!

    All tips are welcomed!


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    Welcome to the guild, may your journey be enjoyable


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