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    Hi there. So I'm a pretty novice map maker but since I've agreed to DM a campaign I've set off to learn to make some awesome maps. It's taken some time to learn the ropes but I'm getting better. I seem to spend almost more time collecting mapping elements, resources, textures and references than I do mapping, but I still enjoy it.

    Anyway, I've lurked around for awhile, and decided its time to say hi. Hope to learn alot and to become a better map maker while I'm at it.

    C'ya guys around!

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    Oh yeah, and I forgot. Quick question:

    My mapping liberary is currently over 1000 elements strong, most of which are pretty good quality. Resources collected from around the web, and even a few I've worked on to fit my own purposes better.

    So I'm wondering, if I found a way to pack them up, could I upload them and paste a link here for anyone who would want a fairly competent database of resources? Its over 120 megs ATM, and since the sources came from literally everywhere, I dont know exactly who made what, except that it wasnt me. None of it should be copy righted, I've just put them all in one spot.

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    Welcome ChaosShadow00x I think one of the mods will help you out with the postings.

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    Welcome to the Guild. Sounds like you've got a pretty impressive library there. I would take a look in the Mapping Elements subforum and see if there's a thread there you could add your stuff to. If not, have at it and start a new one!

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    Welcome again, looking forward to seeing what you have to share.

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    Hey thanks for the warm welcomes!

    It may be delayed a bit, but I'll start zipping things up and posting them by the end of the week. I suffered a drive failure which left large portions of my storage damaged, including many of my maps. Fortunately, I actually keep backups of most of my completed work, so the finished products arnt lost.

    Going through my library, about 10-20% of it was either damaged or destroyed, my whole hard drive is like that (i'm amazed she even still boots!). I'm not sweatin it since I was going to do a rebuild sooner or later. Guess that just became the former.

    Soon as I can re-build it (shouldnt take terribly long) and verify its integrity I'll start zipping up various packets and go about uploading them.

    Any suggestions? Not sure I should be flooding any topics with over 1000 pics =P Even if its my own.

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