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Thread: Looking for a map for a DnD campaign

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    Default Looking for a map for a DnD campaign

    As the title states, I'm looking for a map for a DnD campaign with friends.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Only the areas with marked cities need to have terrain detail, but I would appreciate any minor additions to the empty regions. The scale is 50 miles per centimeter There are three major areas on this map: Varelseland (the area with marked cities), White Scar, and the Thelvian Isles.

    Varelseland (not labelled) is a temperate, forested peninsula with the Lilan Mountains (also not labelled) down the middle. The dotted lines represent roads while the lines along the coast represent common ship routes (these aren't necessary). If it helps, the region is dominated by beastfolk of wolf, bear, avian, and merfolk descent. The three cities around Lake Röd are controlled by a steampunk human government whose territory is not show on the map.

    Once part of Varelseland, the Bleached Lands are an ashen waste as a result of an unknown phenomenon. Based on the legends, a great wave of ash fell on the land, inducing a mass extinction of many beastfolk races and spawning a vile race of humanoid monsters known locally as the Ashmen. Recently, massive bodies of ash have been seen from the Gray Wall, sparking rumors about behemoths roaming the Bleached Lands.

    The Thelvian Isles is blanketed with massive redwood-like trees and is home to the high elves.

    The Maw is a gargantuan whirlpool that makes sailing impossible near the center.

    I have no preference of style.

    2000 x 2000 px would be nice, but I'm not too picky. Any moderately large size will do.

    I have no particular deadline and the artist will retain copyright of the map.

    For accuracy, I have listed the names of the regions/cities below beginning from the top left and following the coast:

    Hund Forest
    Åtta Ruins
    Underland Entrance
    Kreborg Ruins
    Lake Röd
    Lake Vaal
    The Gray Wall

    Forgive the psuedo-Swedish names, I just like the way they sound.

    Contact me at virulentmalign (skype) or on this thread. Once I get PM privileges I'll send my email to interested artists.
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