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Thread: Vainakh Tower Complex

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    Default Vainakh Tower Complex

    Stone tower of the Vainakh people of Caucasus Mountains circa 1600

    The Nakh (or Vainakh) medieval towers were a characteristic feature of medieval architecture of the Nakh peoples in Chechenya and Ingushetia. Some towers were used as dwellings, others had a military purpose; some combined both functions.

    Typical Vainakh towers were built on a square base, ranging from 6 to 12 m wide and 10 to 25 m high, depending on the function. The walls were built of stone blocks, with lime, clay-lime, or lime-sand mortar. The walls were inclined inwards and their thickness decreased on higher floors. The towers were built on hard rock.

    The challenge proposal: Map this Vainakh tower complex, inside and out.

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    If nothing else, I've got a new desktop picture. That is gorgeous.

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