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    Hello Folks,

    After I found many interesting maps and stuff on this forum, I thought it was time to join by myself.
    As hobby I play DnD (3.5) and since a few months I play as Dm. Becourse I like drawing and mapping I make my stories, world and (ofcourse) maps by myself.
    I like the freedom of the creation when drawing a map, if it is on my computer or by hand (with black inkt and pen)
    But because I'm kinda new in the world of cartography, I can use some help and the opinion of other cartographers on my maps !
    At the moment I'm on the experiment with drowing on comuter with drawingtablet (or what the English of that thing may be..) and I hope to show some of my work to you in time.
    Hopefully you give me some advice on the way ^^
    Beside the drowing I'm studing woodworking. My intrests are in Musicinstrument building and I hope I will build my own Harps over a few years.
    I live in the Netherlands near Amsterdam.
    Okey, I'm going to work at a worldmap of my setting and I hope to be around this forum at time.

    Blessings from Holland

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    Welcome and good luck with the tablet and computer artwork/maps

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