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    I've just joined the community and thought I'd take up the invitation to say hello.

    Having been a D&D player off (mostly) and on (occasionally) for about 30 years, my primary interest in cartography has been in producing maps, battle maps and so on for the games I have DMed. After quite a while playing DDO (no players in sight) I've just been introduced to Roll20 ( and so I'm going to run an online game for friends who played in Greyhawk with me about 10 years ago.

    I can't lay claim to much in the way of cartography skills but there are some beautiful maps around, and I hope I can borrow some of them for use in my game. I did buy Campaign Cartographer 2 back in the day but found it difficult to use and too time consuming to master. So, I'm hoping to find some resources and maybe even find a less painful entry into map making if the Roll20 venture turns out to be successful.

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    welocme to the guild GM

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