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Thread: [WIP] Heimat - Postapocalyptic european map - looking for Feedback

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    Wip [WIP] Heimat - Postapocalyptic european map - looking for Feedback

    Hi People of the Cartographers Guild,
    This is my first ever map project. I'm looking for constructive feedback for it. I've been learning from the scratch for about 3 months now. I know already that my choice of using premade trees and mountains is limiting the quality of the map.

    So some background for this. It's heavily inspired by a fantastic book series called the Broken Empire. The setting of my world is around 10000 years after a devastating nuclear war. The sea level has risen about 100-120 meters ( i don't know if that's even possible), there's some tectonic movements. I inverted the world because i'm using this for a D&D campaign for friends and i'm trying to not give them too many hints that this is actually our world in a ****ed up future. They don't get to see the world map in this level of detail anyways and i'm gradually giving them more hints. I want to make the moment of realization really great for them, after they've become quite invested in this allegedly standard fantasy world.

    You'll find other influences mainly in the choice for city names, mostly from other novels, video games, Cartographer maps i've seen on these forums and so forth.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for all the inspiration i got here.


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    A note about the sea level rise: Earth has seen times in its history where things were so warm that there were effectively no polar ice-caps at all, and no major glaciers outside of the highest mountains. The sea levels of different eras have been vastly different, and 120 meters is not impossible. In fact, I quote from this article: ( Exceptional rise in ancient sea levels revealed -- ScienceDaily )

    "Since the end of the last ice age 21,000 years ago, our planet has seen ocean levels rise by 120 meters to reach their current levels. This increase has not been constant, rather punctuated by rapid accelerations, linked to massive outburst floods from the ice caps."

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    Looks cool , but why Upverted Sight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naima View Post
    Looks cool , but why Upverted Sight?
    Thank you!
    The reason for inverting the world is that i'm playing this as a setting for a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign as a Dungeon Master. My players believe that they're in a standard fantasy world, because there are only very subtle hints that this campaign is actually taking place on earth in a postapocalyptic setting. So inverting the map ist another try to make it harder for the players to find out too quickly.

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