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Thread: Greetings to all you map lovers!

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    Default Greetings to all you map lovers!

    I've been into maps as a whole for a few years now, both fantastical maps and real world data or historical maps. I can't help but look at a map and have a dozen different stories pop into my head. Names, landmarks and landscapes always draw me into the world and it's the first stop in creating my own world. Recently I've tried to create my own. I started with pencils and paper and scanned that into a programme to label it. Now though I have a tablet and finally go over the hurdle of feeling slow and uncomfortable with it and so I've taken to drawing maps digitally. So far I've only created one this way, but I'm proud of it and hopefully I can post it here one day. Other than that it's just good to have found a community that shares a rather niche interest like this. Stay awesome!


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    Welcome to the Guild Mitch. Go ahead and post your map, we love to see new ones!

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