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Thread: hiring for creation of fantasy maps

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    Default hiring for creation of fantasy maps

    I'm in the search of an artist, a cartographer, who can professional map the maps to my gaming world.

    While it's meant to be a video game, that detail that isn't too import. I still need a map of the world, so I can visually see it.

    The world has multiple islands, each island being their own commission piece, because I doubt all of them can fit on one page. Then when they're done, they can be pieces together into a world map.

    As I know nothing about map making, I would need the artist to be willing to work with me, and ask questions, in what you might need to know to make your job easier. I know a sketch would be the most helpful resource, it's something I don't have. I also don't want my lack of map knowledge to hold back the artists creativity.

    What I'm looking for
    - black & white map (color isn't a priority, but I would like it, but maybe when all the basics are done)
    - nothing too overly-detailed (I see maps were you can see all the individual trees...that's just not a look I enjoy)
    - I find that I like a 2.5 look to the maps (where a flat style map has depth to it, will add a link of an example)
    - line art done in vector (from what I understand, the common practice is you draw it in Photoshop and then import into Illustrator) I would like the vector file, if the artist knows how to handle the program
    - canvas proportion size of 12 x 18 inches (I understand vector can shrink and enlarge images without quality loss. 12x18 is the proportion I want, as it'll will allow for me to go to the 6x9 and 24x36 size without an issue)

    map examples: I like how the forest mass is done...I expect by not wanting color right away, might make things harder site link of the map

    my budget: honestly can't afford more then $100, I could up to $150, but going into the $200+ range is going into a range I wouldn't want (it can even out, since I will continue to come to you for my other maps for the same world)
    dead line: no rush, but wouldn't want to wait for 3+ months for 1 map to be finished

    my email
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    It sounds like an interesting project. I've sent you a little email.

    Open to cartographic commissions. Contact me: christian [at]

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpian View Post
    It sounds like an interesting project. I've sent you a little email.
    Thank you, and I got your email

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    I found someone

    thank you for all the replies

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