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Thread: My re-attempt of doing a world map

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    Wip My re-attempt of doing a world map

    You probably wonder why it says re-attempt on the title thread. Well, several months ago, I've made a world map based on a video game series called "Suikoden." Anyways, I've made a fan-made map for a particular fansite. I thought it was a good map; until I found out about this site. I was blown away with all the other maps that was shown in this site. I was motivated to recreate my work. Most of my material derives from Ascension and Jezlef's world map tutorials. Both of them have influence my work. I wanted to know what you think and see which criteria to improve. It's still not done yet. But, I wanted input anyways.
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    i am curious about the light circle on the southern most continent/island seems out of place????

    other than that i like it and look forward to seeing this progress

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    Post Nice, except for your rivers!?

    Nice first post, Strikerbomber and welcome!

    Overall I like the shapes of the landforms and the nice 3D mountains. Small criticism, here, the mountains in the northern continent, especially on the darker green northeastern portion there seems to be a "shine" to your mountains - it almost looks plastic. Perhaps add a bit more grain to your texture - very small criticism.

    Your biggest problem are your rivers. They are doing some really unnatural things. I see a "lake" on the southern reaches of the northern continent with 3 rivers going to the sea. Only one river will flow from this lake to the sea.

    River deltas defy this only due to silt deposits that forces changes in river channels. I don't see deltas in your map. You also have a river going from the sea to the sea - this would never happen.

    The rivers in the southern continent are just as wacky.

    As rivers flow from the mountain tops they converge to make larger rivers. Rivers sometimes form into lakes where the elevation is lower than the outflow. Once the lake fills up the lowest point on its shore will become a single river flowing out from it. Many rivers can join at a lake, but only one river empties the lake to its next destination.

    I am sure you're to get a run-in with the "River Police".

    Other than that (and "that" is a pretty big issue) very nice work.

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    Lots of goodness going on here - theres plenty to like esp the texturing. There are a number of small points that we could help improve and then the wacky rivers. Unless some global magic involved then you just couldnt get real rivers like that but we can help out there too.

    Great stuff tho.

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    Great start and other then the couple of things already mentioned by GP & RR I don't really have anything else to "gripe" about
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    I think it looks pretty good and I especially like the rivers, in terms of the aesthetics not the fact that they merge and divide oddly like said above...maybe it's the shape and color, I dunno. Overall, you capture the essence of what Jez and I do but with your own style and that's a good thing so A+. Just tweak those rivers
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    Cool map. I like it.

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    I like the colors you use, and for the most part it is a great looking map. However, as the River Police have pointed out, you have violated the River Law, and this is an offense that will bring you 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

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    This may be picky, but as a "world map" shouldn't the landmass on the eastern edge also appear on the western side of the map?
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