Most of these are old... about a year to be rough, some two or three but I can't honestly remember. They were made after I discovered I could draw with a mouse in PS, instead of colouring in sketches with pencil. I've a few more than these, but they're a little on the terrible/simple side due to my laziness. ^^'
Anyway, these maps were all made for RP forums I've ran over the years with help from a friend. And I seriously can't do villages/towns/cities... Hence my lazy dots of colour. >.>
(Oh, and they're fairly large... guess it'd be fair to warn about that).

Entirely in Photoshop:
Map of Edris
Lythia and Theydane

Sketches coloured in Photoshop:

I'm currently working on a map at the moment, but I've hit a mega-milestone. I was hoping to learn what I need to improve on first before continuing. If anyone wants, I'll grab a screenshot of what I have so far...