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    hi cartographers guild, I am a modder who has massive interests in creating worlds of my own, from creating the planet to the cities and history. I will be making a mod using Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that's gameplay will be based upon the World of Warcraft system....that's where similarities to either game end. (other than races) The game will feature 6 races, all with regional cultures to choose from:

    The Humans:
    Serpent Valley Militia

    The Dwarves:
    Golden Dwarves
    Sons of Mysentus
    Serpentian Dwarves

    The Elves:
    The Perfects
    Sul' Aran Rebels
    Children of the Ocean

    Ul' Kharzik's Warriors
    Manrak Outcasts
    Serpent Valley Orcs

    Pheonix-touched Disciples
    Cult of the Wind
    Warriors of Gaea

    The Forgotten:
    Goldvale Crusaders
    The Lost
    The Devourers

    I have already begun with the world itself, created in Fractal Terrains, and am now going to be taking it into GIMP to modify the terrain to the world I envision. I hope to have deep background into all of the races and their cultures, as well as how they have interacted with the rest.

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    I am going to be redesigning the names, I guess, as I now have a world to base them from....the first human subtype will now be Akronians, the second Plagueland Militia, etc.

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