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Thread: [Award Winner] Creation and Depiction of Fantasy Cities - Parts I & II

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    Tutorial [Award Winner] Creation and Depiction of Fantasy Cities - Parts I & II

    I am putting together a guide on the creation and depiction of fantasy cities. Rather than publishing it here only after I've finished all of it (the liklihood is that it would end up in development hell and never see the light of day), I'm publishing it in parts.

    Attached below is part I. C&Cs gratefully accepted and may be incorporated into the second editon when I finish Part II.

    Edit: Second Revision completed.
    It's a 8.9 mb download in .pdf form.

    CLICK HERE to read the tutorial online
    Click the cover below to download the file.


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    Are you interested in proofreading feedback? 'Cause I've found a couple of errors already. First paragraph on page two: "In this guide I is an explanation..."

    Third paragraph, same page: "you would not expect to see Bedouin tents in Arctic tundra any less than you would igloos in the desert"

    That should read either "you would expect to see Bedouin tends in the Arctic tents even less than..." or "you would not expect to see Bedouin tents in Arctic tundra any more than..." The way it's phrased now makes it sound as though you should expect igloos in the desert.

    No errors on page three (har har). If you'd prefer to keep your momentum going on new work, perhaps passing the document off to someone else to edit would be a good idea. Writing is fun, but revision is work, as they say. I'd volunteer my services, but I don't have software capable of editing pdf at the moment. I'm more than happy to keep proofreading, though, if it's helpful.
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    My guess is that your introductory essay was the last thing you wrote, and you were eager to get it done, yes? I didn't find any glaring errors in the rest of the document, although the double 'l' in tranquillity threw me. I hadn't realized it could be spelled that way until I looked it up.

    Very fine work, ravs! Five stars from me!
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    I'll give a read momentarily. OFF TO THE POOL with the family.
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    Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing it!

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    you get a five star ratinging from me rav! You have been repped as well!! I eagerly await the rest
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    Wow. I'd love to Rep, but it won't allow me. So, I'll just have to settle for rating the thread. Five stars from me as well. This is easily in the same quality leagues as the city design supplements around for purchase. Can't wait for part II.
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    Haven't read it closely, only skimmed it so far. But very nice work.

    So nice that I had to beat upon your skull with a reputation stick.
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