Hello all,

This is my first post here, so apologies that my first post is a request for a map rather than a contribution of one. I'm awful at mapping and so have come here (at the recommendation of Kepli from the Dundjinni Forums) to ask for help.

I'm planning a new 4th Edition D&D campaign and have placed the start of the campaign in a small fishing village on the western coastline of my region. I have an idea that the village is nestled in a cleft with a small river opening out to the sea there. The villagers have built a small harbour there enhancing the natural protection of the bay. There is an inn come meeting hall and a temple. A smithy and general store are present. The village is home to about 300 people with about a further 300 people dependent on it from the area around it - farmers and the like. A single old road leads out of the village to the east following the river.

If any of you know England and Cornwall, the village I have in mind to model it off is Port Issac. For those who have seen the UK TV series "Doc Martin" that village is where the program was filmed and based.

I'm after a 2D top down map of the village, preferably untagged - so no key.

Does anyone have access to something vaguely like this that they can point me at, or even better does this village stir enough interest that one of you demon artists fancies coming up with a cool vision of it?

Any interest or questions please let me know via this thread!

Thanks in advance