Rise of the A'Jhn Empire and Fall of the Jhl-Gari -- a snap shot in time. The last remnants of the demon worshippers who plagued the land for a thousand years was beaten back into the jungle wilderness and all but forgotten. The A'Jhn arrived from across the sea of Dhamilla, conquering a long decadent society, whose very slaves revolted and turned on their cruel masters. The Jhl-Gari were a powerbase that held few, and controlled by fear. Once their hold crumbled on their enslaved subjects... they crumbled beneath the might boot of A'Jhn armies.

Well that was completely off the cuff... and it shows... bleh. Here is a hand drawn WiP I did last night. I'm sure the first thing you will notice is that yes... it is sideways... The land looked and placement pleased my eye more from this angle, I'm hoping I didn't take too liberal of a choice in this matter, I'm not sure I want to start it over again.. for a third time

I inked the whole thing by hand, labels and all, but i'm thinking I may take those out and do them digitally. I used dip pens for the costlines and outlines of the mountains, and it really shows on the scan. I had more shading to do with teh forest and jungles, but eventhe central forest shows up really light in contrast with the coast, rivers and mountains. I still have the water line to put around the coasts, among other things...

My tablet should finally arrive tomorrow or the next day!!! OMG its been hard living without one for a whole three weeks.... it was like losing an arm or a hand... or a precious human baby...

So I thought I would get some opinions first... I'm going to need them with so many great entries this month...

The original drawing was 8"x8" and scanned in at 200dpi ... (8 inches because that was about the maximum my scanner will scan at)

Thanks guys and gals...

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