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    I've been an avid fan of PBM, classic games like Civ, Warlords, Heroes and such since I was a kid. My brother got me into the play-by-mail scene quite early with a pencil-coloured hex map cover the back of an entire door. Since then I've spent many hours staring at various maps across many games, pondering contingencies and grand strategies. I'm a map addict!

    I'm always imagining campaigns and fantasy environments, designing games and itching over making worlds happen. My mind travels too fast for me to keep hold though, nothing really reaches completion or maturity.

    My last ventures into mapping involved a web-game, incorporating mySQL, PHP and Flash technologies, to create something like this:

    I even went so far as to take such a project on for my degree:

    Also fiddled with some random scenery generation:

    Anyway, I'm here to share ideas, gain inspiration and possibly work on a new project or six.


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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the guild. I really like that flash map you made... that has very interesting applications .... kinda wish I had the smarts to do something like that
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    Welcome to the Guild, Taerij.

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