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    Post September Entry: Newstyle hex

    I was playing with this style a little while back, and figured I'd give it a go after someone suggested hex maps in the thread:

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Attachment 6431

    The hexmap was drawn entirely in inkscape using all cloned symbols, so I could (for example) change one tree icon and have all of them change.

    The heightfield was roughed out in GIMP, then turned in to a hex heightfield using inkscape's create tiled clones feature. Pulled back in GIMP and corrected in places (i.e. get the rivers to flow downhill only) and to add the bevel to the tile edges.

    The two were rendered together in PovRay.

    Not sure how much more I could do with a map this style.... suggestions for other icons would be good. I was thinking of rendering up little 3D castle objects to sit on the town makers (like game playing pieces) but didn't get to it.

    I don't know if it follows the coast well enough either, but I tried

    -Rob A>

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