I created this map as a part of an ongoing project, which will hopefully one day also include a tourist guide and "postcards". The aim is to visualize the concept of terraforming Mars without getting too serious about it, which is why I chose a touristic viewpoint on the subject.

It's serious enough, though, too be as realistic as possibly can be expected from an early 21st century map of a mid 23rd century world. Coastline and relief, for example, are based on NASA's Mars Orbital Laser Altimeter maps. Many names on the map are based on existing nomenclature for craters and other features; other names are fictional. There's a future history connected with the map and I hope to publish that somewhere in the next few months.

It's possible to explore the map in two ways on www.modifiedmars.com: by zooming and panning in a browser window or by opening a kmz-file in Google Earth. In the latter case Earth transforms into Mars, which may take some time, but not too long.

Since this is a long term project and a 2.0 version is likely to be released at some point, comments and suggestions are welcome.