I've been working on a couple of maps, mostly for practice. I was going to enter the september challenge, but real life got in the way so I couldn't make the deadline and that map was never finished.

Anyway, here's the first one: http://www.imperialcross.co.uk/imper...ry/carvadd.jpg

I tried a different technique for the mountains. Didn't turn out so great, but it was worth a go. =P Not all places have been named because they don't have names yet, I'll add them as the story for this map progresses, but for now, it's essentially done I think.

I've started work on another one: http://www.imperialcross.co.uk/stuff...eros455wip.jpg

I'll probably try something radically different for the mountains, I dunno yet. The colour choices might seem odd, but I sorta like the colour scheme. It's not really supposed to be natural. Oh, and this one is also a local map from that other one I did.