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Thread: Some of my work

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    Post Some of my work

    Hey, new to the forums, so I thought I'd showcase some of my work. I mostly focus on alternate history, but am interested in starting to branch out to fantasy work. Here is my DeviantArt page, for those interested.
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Name:	british_colonies_1763-76.jpg 
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    These look pretty darn good, nice job. No critiques just kudos
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    Praise Nice aging!

    I like the "aged" quality in your maps, they have a very realistic feel. Similar in quality to some of the old maps I view (150 year old atlases). Very nice.

    Have some "Rep"!

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    Nice maps. I especially like the British Colonies
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    Wow... O_O

    These really look like they are from the 1890 Rand McNally! These look like something I would be viewing from the Rumsey Collection. Well done. Now stop showing off and tell us how you did it!
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    I like these very much. good show.

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    Very cool stuff!

    Now I shall bash you with my Cudgel of Repping *Bonk*
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    Nice work. Very convincing of the period. Also, props on calling Alaska by the Russian version, Alyaska.

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    They are a bit stunning. Good work!
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    I love the cultivated careful style of neglect! They're marvelous! You have to look twice to see that they're very subversive .

    Good stuff - great imagination - Rep o matic!

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