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    Wip Inside a Library

    I've started work on a library, this'll be used on maptool, so it has no grid built into it. I've been using the random rotate script (thanks RobA!) for a lot of the little parts, like how the chairs are arranged.

    Since I knew I wanted my bookcases to be brown, I really didn't want to use a brown wood floor, so I used this kinda grayish one. Not sure I like it. I'm considering looking into more of a carpeted texture, but this will be used in a game with a medieval setting, and I'm not really sure how commonplace carpeting was.

    I don't really like the bookcases, they're on their own layer right now called "stacks" so I can easily delete just them and replace them with something else, but I'm not finding any top-down bookcases that I like so I may have to just live with them.

    There's a trapdoor under the table in the top-right conference room that leads to the basement of the library, where they keep the secure books that nobody is supposed to know about or read. I haven't made that level yet, when I do I'll post it in here.

    I've tried to be really good about keeping everything in layers so I can edit single parts without trashing the whole image, so feel free to criticize any part of it. I have a gimp .xcf version that saves the layers that right now is exactly the same as this exported .png, so I can edit it.

    Also, doors will be placed in maptool so I can edit them in-game.
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