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    Map Bailiwan

    Bailiwan regional map. Thanks to Steel General, Bohunk and the many others that helped in the WIP thread

    Artist's Notes
    Bailiwan, the once peaceful land of the Thalean Empire has been overrun by the savage Orc hordes that welled up from the Underdark with amazing cohesion and with new technology, matchlocks. The human inhabitants of Bailiwan that were not eaten, forced into slavery or sacrificed for the pleasure of the sadistic invaders have been pushed from their homes to the frontier of the Harren Islands. The new world is filled with its own perils but the former citizens have prospered over the decades. Establishing trade, setting up independent governments and building grand castles, universities and temples as they once had are only a few of their accomplishments as they also have turned into a vengeful race eager to quench their thirst for blood. War is on the horizon as they are now equipped with their own marvels and seek to take back what is theirs.

    OOC: Picture cannibalistic Vikings with muskets played by the Orcs against Athenians wielding Da Vinci technology played by man. Dwarves, Halflings and Elves are woven in the societies of man and have a vested interest in seeing the end to the horde domination of Bailiwan. Orcs are amazingly cooperative as they define territories of control and have their own trade. They are the traders of men and other demi humans. They also farm flesh and raise humans like crops to eat, work and ravage.

    This map was commissioned by the city state of Larano 147 years after the dissolution of the Thalean Empire (147 FE is roughly equivalent to 1450 AD).
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