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Thread: Global Map projections

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    Question Global Map projections

    I've got a gig (my first) making maps for an RPG and was surprised to find out the area map is the entire surface of the planet. While I don't necesarily plan on including a Winkel Tripel projection (or something similar) it would be cool if I could offer the Game developer one. It might also help me visualize this as a planetary map.

    Any cool technique for doing this in Gimp? Other easy to use freeware?

    Of course a way to project my 2d "mercator" onto a virtual globe would be awesome.

    Any suggestions?


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    There is a way to use Google Earth for this (I think), not sure how myself. But I'm sure someone who does know will post on this.
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    Default has a discussion along these lines.

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    Thanks. RobA's video was perfect. I didn't realize it was that easy to put onto a globe. Yay Gimp!

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