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Thread: GIMP/General question about symetrical patterns

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    Post GIMP/General question about symetrical patterns

    What would be the best way to create a symmetrical pattern in Gimp(or something free)? I am thinking of things like Compasses, etc. Is there an easy way, or is it just one of those things that you have to just be careful doing? Eg.

    Say I want to create an arrow:

    Hopefuly, my poor ASCII art skills get across what I am trying to accomplish here, ie, a tapered head and tail with a bisecting center line.

    Likewise, how would someone go about making a slightly more complicated pattern such as a Celtic knot or or something like that? Are there any free tools out there that help do this sort of thing?
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    For any type of patterns/diagrams, etc. I use Inkscape rather than GIMP. Working with vectors is much, much easier.

    Try HeathenX screencasts for great Inkscape videocasts.

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    I would try to pull it off in a vector program like Inkscape or Xara ...something you can make one half of the item you want and then mirror it
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    you could try (in gimp) making half of it and then copy it, rotate it (probably 180 degrees) and then do Transform: Flip Vertically (or is it horizontally? cant remember....) and then move it to where you want it. That might work
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