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    Question Hi Everyone

    I cannot think of a better resource to go to with a question like this than here! First, I think it appropriate to explain what my two partners and myself are trying to accomplish: Our goal is not to create a finished product, but rather to generate a map using our preselected waypoints from our TomTom 'Rider' 2nd Generation. We are all motorcycle riders and are currently working on covering many states with the intention of recording these various waypoints that we feel are the greatest campsite locales in each individual state. We have just completed a long and arduous journey of comprehensively researching the state of Utah. These waypoints (on our device they are referred to as 'Favorites'), along with endless hours of audio recorded research, notes, video footage, etc. are what we intend to pour into our map for motorcycle riders. Being that we certainly cannot accomplish this using our TomTom software, we need a program to not only attach our waypoints to, but one that also has the flexibility to triangulate mileage markers for both state and local routes, and can give us a multitude of options as to express our creativety through the route segments; i.e., colored route shading, markings, etc. This, in turn, will be handed over to a professional cartography company, and graphic designer who will take it from there.
    > That being said, I have already looked into AGIS, ESRI 'Arc View', Globalmapper, Map Maker, Delorme Street Atlas 09, Maptech & a few others. I am having difficulty finding a software program that has been published for just these reasons. I do not want to spend months learning how to use a program, I simply want record our data onto map that is readily understandable by a professional.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    Kind Regards,


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    Welcome Aboard!

    I'm sure there are some folks here who can help you with what you're trying to accomplish.
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    I would suggest that the primary people to speak to are the people who will be taking your data for making the professional map and looking at what they consider the norm in the industry. With professional printing of drawn maps by far the standard is the Adobe suite but in terms of GIS I would have guessed arcGIS but I am not an expert at all. There is the website too which is populated by more GIS orientated people than this one. There are a few GIS people here so worth sticking around for a while but I suspect that you would get possibly better answers over there too.

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    The standard for for gps export is the GPX format (but you probably know that already)....

    What will the final product be? A printed map? A book, a website, software? A web-service?

    I would just hand over the raw data to your producer. As redrobes suggests, go over to cartotalk, as you will probably get connected faster there....

    Sorry I can't be more helpful

    -Rob A>

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    Thank you guys very much. I have registered at Cartotalk as well. I have another question:

    The final result will be a map much like Latitude 40 maps out of Nederland, CO. I thoroughly enjoy the way they have used a lot of their data. I also like how rich the colors are. Can anyone recommend a company I should start with in addition to Lat 40?


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