Hello I'm Heathan, I'm new to the "artistic" end of map making. I personally am very good at drawing and painting, but little experience with computer art (although I will be getting a stylist for my computer soon).
I've made maps and run a game on maptools, my main interest is creating some semi-detailed maps and such for them (basically leave out everything that's interactive and add that in maptools).
Currently my pet project is a large underground ruin's inhabbited by mutant kobolds. The area the players are going to be in isn't that large map, now I've been told the best way to do that is basically using photoshop or gimp. However I have lil experience using them other then converting jpegs and stuff to png for map tools.
I also like long walks on the beach, reading to underprivliged school children, and spending time helping feed the homeless......lol j/k that's my way of sayin' I talk to much. Anyways any help you guys can offer I'd like.